Grand Catering

About Grand Catering

Grand Catering had its exploratory beginnings in 1995 when it became clear that a generation of clients were in need of a new take on event planning: a need for a company both knowledgeable on the ins-and-outs of the wedding industry and conscious of the intricate demands required to fuse traditional Chinese cuisine with a contemporary sensibility.

Grand Catering also has a Central Kitchen (which the property is owned by Grand Catering, 3,500 sq.ft) where all the food preparation (and menu tasting) takes place - we do the actual cooking the night of, and at the venue, of course. We do not reheat food so all the venues that we work with must allow for on-site cooking.

We also hosting lot of event, from company lunch catering party to government dinner event, we fixable for our clients from 50 Guests (Lunch Catering) to 1000+ Guests (100 Tables). Grand Catering also a wedding party specialist, expert for traditional Chinese wedding party hosting in modern banquet halls, golf clubs, hotels and more - across Ontario.

Our food offers the best quantity and quality for an unbeatable price that will ensure your satisfaction for any event. Also, all foods are prepared by Grand Catering staff, and are not bought/sourced from other stores or restaurants. You can change menus by adding, removing, substituting dishes, even customize ingredients to meet your preferences. As there are over a thousand different Chinese dishes, you may choose to add in those not listed in our menus that suit your taste.

As Toronto’s most experienced and trusted Chinese catering company, let us help you plan for your most memorable evening! From venue recommendations to menu selections, let us guide you through the planning process from beginning to end make your event truly unforgettable.

Hor's d'oeuvres & Buffet

Please see our hor's d'oeuvres and buffet selection below. If you wish to select a Dish not offered, please contact us at your convenience to tailor a suitable menu for your event or party.